• Innovative approach to teaching

    My daughter was coached by Rosalind for five years from Y7 through to the end of Y11. When she started her confidence and self belief were low. Through her innovative approach to teaching, Rosalind built her self confidence and caused her to fall in love with Maths. She was more than a tutor, acting as a learning mentor which helped boost her confidence in all areas of the curriculum. My daughter went on to achieve a level 9 at GCSE Maths and A* in Maths and Further Maths at A level. She is now studying at Cambridge.


  • My son grew in confidence

    My son was really struggling with maths at secondary school. Rosalind helped him to get through the GCSE curriculum but more importantly to grow in confidence and in his decision making so he could relax enough in his school lessons to be able to take in information without going into panic! Rosalind managed to get the best out of him and he was really engaged and liked going to his lessons.


  • My daughter loved going..

    With maths GCSEs looming, my daughter was at the local grammar school and had an incredibly intelligent maths teacher who couldn’t communicate the subject. She was getting more lost each session and I looked around for a maths tutor and found Rosalind. Ellie was into dance and music and Rosalind somehow managed to make a connection with Ellie and related maths to pattern and rhythm of the numbers….. She loved going each week and managed to get a B grade at GCSE which given she was so behind was amazing. Thank you Rosalind! 


  • Amazing Tutor

    Rosalind has been such an amazing tutor to me – I would never got my GCSE maths grade without her! I definitely recommend Rosalind’s teaching to anyone who is finding maths difficult, or is struggling with their confidence. She is so patient and thorough, and takes the time to make sure you fully understand everything. She even manages to make algebra fun! Thank you so much Rosalind, you are an excellent tutor!