How to Help your Child with Maths in Lockdown

Dear Parent,
I am aware of just how helpless you are feeling right now, with your daughter (or it your son?) in front of you, in tears, because she can’t do her Maths, and neither can you. I am frustrated as well – I can do 1-1 tuition over Zoom, and so can those hundreds of colleagues who are taking on new pupils at the moment, and giving them high quality support, but were are few, and can’t support everyone who needs us.

Your daughter’s Maths teacher is frustrated as well. It is hard enough, teaching Maths to 30 pupils in a classroom. Imagine how much harder, to help them all, now the classroom is empty and they are all scattered, into their own homes, again.

I am more than happy to try to help you, for nothing, answering questions on this blog, or if you want to book some online tuition please contact me

Please leave your question on the contact page. Cut and paste, or copy, the question your daughter (or son) cannot do. Send. Return tomorrow. I will do my best. (Please do not include any web addresses, as they make my spam filter reject your message)

I promise to spend 3 hours of every day, Monday to Friday, helping parents who write to me.

If nobody asks me for anything, I will spend 3 hours writing instructions for how to do bits of Maths, based on what I am actually teaching my pupils, over Zoom, week by week.

It doesn’t look like from where you are standing, but Foundation GCSE Maths (that is my speciality; Happy to answer questions on Higher, it’s fun, but the REAL blocks for most people, lie in the zone of grades 1 to 5), Foundation GCSE Maths is a finite and comprehensible body of understanding, skills and knowledge. you can’t fit it on a postage stamp, but you can fit it into a sensible brain. Hers. She can do this.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to enable your daughter (or son) to pass GCSE Foundation Maths, hopefully with a grade 5. You need to encourage, inspire and empower. To do that, you do not need to be a Maths Teacher, just a loving, motivated parent.

And you are already one of those.

So here is what to do, right now. See the picture of the calculator, at the top of the page? Check whether there is already one of those in the house. If not, and if you can afford £12 or so, then it would be brilliant if you could buy one. They are wonderful, wonderful calculators, the veritable Rolls Royce of calculators, and over Lockdown I plan to show you how to use them, to take a lot of the grind out of doing Calculator-allowed questions. I am going to assume you either have a CASIO fx-83 GTX or the earlier model CASIO fx-83 GT Plus. I will road-test all of my instructions on both models, they are almost identical.

A thought. I will also find a good online, free, calculator and recommend it, and road test my instructions on that as well. Then I can support you even if there is no CASIO in your home at the moment.

Kind Regards
Rosalind Martin
Maths Teacher (5 years experience)
1-1 Tutor (Getting on for 20 years, now)
parent (of 3, now grown up).

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