Understanding Plans and Elevations

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Looking for a website that helps you to learn about Plans and Elevations? And you would like to have some fun as well? Oh, and have to work out new approaches to problems which look easy at first but aren’t?

You will need:

  • Java downloaded onto your computer, and you may have to give it permission to run the first time, by right clicking the game area and looking for an appropriate menu option. **NB Macs don’t really like this website as it is rather out of date…
  • Internet connection
  • These instructions…
  • Get Stuck? Use the REPLY box on this page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Step 1 – understand the link between plans, elevations and a solid object

wisweb colouring in sidesClick here to play the first game which challenges you to colour in an object, based on plans and elevation views. You have to get a question right before you can go onto the next one – your score at the end is based on how many you got right at the first attempt.

Step 2 – Cube Houses

In this simple activity, you are shown a shape built from cubes and asked to draw the plans and elevations (on paper). You can click “drawing” to check whether you have drawn the correct answers. There are eight different shapes to try, on the drop-down menu.

Step 4 – Ten “cube houses” to build **BEST MATHS GAME EVER!**ten cube houses to build

Deceptively simple….

  • Whenever you click, a new cube will appear.
  • If you need to remove a cube, select “Break Down”.
  • If you manage to build a house which fits the plans and views given, you will score a YELLOW blob beside that house. If you can do it with the number of cubes specified as well, then you will score GREEN.
  • It is fine to leave a cube unsupported, hanging in the air. I can’t see a way of solving number 1 without that! Not with only 12 cubes!
  • If you manage to get the cubes correct to make the relevant plans and elevations the figure will show a YELLOW DOT.
  • To get a GREEN DOT you need to get the minimum number of cubes to create the correct plans and elevations. The minimum numbers for figures 1 to 10 are: 12,14,12,12,12,10,10,12,14,16
  • They ARE all possible honestly!